"He explained that an Aleph is one of the points in space that contains all other points.” (J. L. Borges, The Aleph)

Aleph – Project in search of an alchemy between matter and ether, through the use of cameras, sound recorders and text to reconfigure states of matter in audiovisual experiences created as sculptures and spaces intervened from multiple languages. It proposes an opening of interdisciplinary horizons where poetic expression, audiovisual art and philosophy converge in the way of composition, installation and performance

Oasis — Oasis is an exploratory journal of ETER laboratory, woven as a network of sounds, words and images collected everyday by various points attentive to contemporary culture.

Invisible Valley —Listening-based exploration of Aburra Valley at Antioquia, Colombia. Directed by Miguel Isaza and supported by several members of the colective and guests. Through sound actions, releases, concerts and pedagogical activities, we investigate sound matter, invisibility, aural environments and diverse implications of listening in the territory.

Darién —  Audiovisual exploration of Darién tropical forest, led by David Escallón. In this project transitional art and poetics of haiku converge as research and reflection in ecological, aesthetic and spiritual processes traced through installation, performance and audiovisual composition.

Sonic Field — Network of resources on the contemporary exploration of sound, including articles, interviews, reviews and links related to sound art, aural culture, sound studies and listening experimentation. It was founded in 2015 by Miguel Isaza and David Velez, both sound artists of Ether colective.