We are

a laboratory for experimentation with image, sound and word, dedicated to the creation of sensorial experiences where art, science, design and philosophy converge. We are seven people, including artists, philosophers, designers and communicators.

We create

installations, personalized experiences, curate sound art events, make explorations of landscape and matter through audiovisual art in workshops and performance; we have made installations, concerts, field recording activities, videoart projections and sound design experiments.

Our project

is based on a technological appropriation of matter through audiovisual design and electronic art, seeking layers of the sensitive experience through image and sound, showing us a new plastic situation based on time, where it is possible to create experiences in which space, form and movement establish new coordinates for the senses.


Mail: info@eter-lab.net



Miguel Isaza

Invisible Direction

Agustín Valderrama

Graphic Design

Rossana Uribe

Visual Direction

Lina Sierra


Camilo Tamayo

Conceptual Creation

Pedro Arbelaez

Industrial Design

David Escallón

Audiovisual Creation · Darién's Direction

Jaime Zapata

Darién's Production