We are an open group of artists, groups and musical labels from different corners of Colombia, marching together to express our awareness of the crisis of the current political system in the country and of sister countries in Latin America. We join the forces of thousands of people who have taken to the streets since November 21 to protest against the corruption and repression models of the current government, which has endlessly lacerated the basic rights and needs of the people: all of us.

We mobilize our bodies as a virus of time. We transcend the machine by molding sonoruty: From silence to noise, with any thing or instrument, and in the intensity that the occasion requires. We resist by listening, fighting with waves, finding in the sonic matter our definitive battle: that of our voices together, today in a herd of urgent music, a torrent of signals from variable times, but common causes that meet in our shared suffering.

We militate without a gender frontier and with the only objective of gathering voices to demand, though pulses, rhythms and timbres, a society that finds its foundation in equality, social justice and freedom. We reject every government that murders its people. We reject all authority that stigmatizes, annuls and condemns our right to protest. From music, we declare ourselves in reaction and give our voices to the imagination of new utopias, for the goal to be the open search for our forms and not their annihilation. We will remain in resistance until life occupies the spaces that spilled blood has stolen from it. They never took away our collective voice: we were only cultivating it for this hour, that of our echoes united in a single resonance.

100% of the funds raised by this compilation will be donated to non-governmental organizations in resistance (Human Rights and Indigenous Guard). 

Possible thanks to Ediciones Éter, Insurgentes, Monofónicos, Move, Nótt, Nutabe, Pildoras Tapes, Rouge Collective, Unknown Collective and other national musical collectives and projects.

released on December 8 by F.S.U.

Artwork: Doppelgänger
Máster: Miguel Izasa · momoto